Toshia Marie Ferebee

Toshia Marie

Toshia Marie Ferebee is a Philadelphia native who loves God and His people. She is the third of 4 girls who make up the local gospel singing group -The Ferebee Sisters – who have traveled singing the praises throughout the nation. She is a devoted mother of 5 with a passion for the youth
and women. She promotes development of young entrepreneurs as 3 of her 5 children are young, gifted and growing entrepreneurs.

Toshia loves to write prophetically as many songs are inspired by the holy spirit spontaneously. She recently released her debut single “Sistas” that promotes building, encouraging, promoting positive
support through love and acceptance for sisters of all colors, nationality and backgrounds.

One of her greatest passions is seeing people transform their lives and world with what they say. Also knowing that with love, everything is possible.

For God is love!

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March 26, 2022