Apostle Erica Brooks Henry

IBH Speaker Apostle Henry

Apostle Erica Brooks Henry is a Wealth & Marketplace Strategist with over 25 years of finance, business and ministry combined experience. She is the CEO & Founder of I Know My Value and is Co-founder of Collide Ministries Worldwide along with her husband Apostle Demetris L. Henry.

Collectively, they collide biblical principles and practical truths to help develop the total person Armored with the gifts of teaching, administration, encouragement and wisdom, Erica started her early career in banking and mortgage consulting. After seeing a lack of financial literacy in communities of color, transacting financial business was no longer enough. In the 2001, Erica launched the More Than Conquerors Financial Program which provided in the trenches financial expertise helping communities in the metro Atlanta and other markets shift from poverty to financial stability.

In 2007, Erica expanded business offerings to include small business development where she married practical knowledge with biblical truths to help start-ups, churches and non-profits with formation and customized growth strategies from vision to implementation. Erica was key to helping families save their homes during the 2008-2011 economic crisis with a 99% foreclosure prevention rate and help people who lost jobs or desired a career change monetize their gifts and become entrepreneurs.

Erica is licensed Financial Professional, holds a PMP (Project Management Professional), Six Sigma Certification and more to help the masses shift from the rat race of making money and pivot to Finishing Wealthy.

Her motto is, “stop getting ready and be ready.”

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