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About Conference
Are you feeling rejected? You’ve been misunderstood and overlooked? Sick of not having a purpose? Have your dreams been put on a shelf and now collecting dust?
Identifying Who You Are

You will get the opportunity to explore the underlying cause of your pain, identify what you need most in life.

Understanding the traumas

Gain clarity on your unique plan for fulfillment.

Creating a Plan to Live Your Best Life

This will give you hope and confidence in moving forward towards the things that really matter to you! ⁣

Rise and Anoint Him: This is the One.”

About Hostess
Entrepreneur | Trailblazer | Certified Lifecoach | Consultant | Author | Motivational & Transformational Speaker
Hostess - Kemley Whiteside
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Kemley Whiteside is the Author of Accepted, Secured, Significant: Empowering, Igniting, and Fulfilling Your Purpose. This book is intended to reach out to those who have been drawn away from their purpose. It will transform them into a bondage-breaker. This book is inspired and written by the Holy Spirit to assure you that, as a child of God, you no longer have to feel bound by labels and curses spoken over your life. A book that reinforces in your heart how valuable you are, and how much you mean to God. God wants you to know that through Him, you are Accepted, Secured, and Significant.

She is a native of the Republic of Panama, a survivor and overcomer and resides in the state of New Jersey with her husband and children. She is ordained to help build by empowering, igniting, and fulfilling people into their purpose. She is a certified life-coach, mentor, inspiration, motivational, transformational speaker, and a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is the survivor of an anxiety disorder, depression, cancer, Lyme disease, domestic violence, suicide, physical, emotional, and mental abuse. A rape survivor, both as a young girl and an adult. She was told in her early twenties that she would be unable to have children, and diagnosed in her early thirties with cervical cancer. She survived. In her mid-thirties she was nearly paralyzed, and almost lost her sight. She survived. These obstacles have strengthened her life and her purpose. She is a woman birthing life to others by embracing them with confidence, and helping them achieve their calling.

She was born out of wedlock and raised by aunts, uncles, and a grandmother. Her mother was the victim of drug abuse, and after forty years of not knowing her biological father, she recently discovered him and she has five siblings. Her mother passed when she was eighteen years old and she was later adopted by her maternal grandmother.
She is determined to use these battles as a resource of strength and not pity. She is determined to birth life unto others, and to deliver many from the Pit and into their Heavenly-called purpose.

Kemley is an accomplished entrepreneur Founder of many organizations to include: Mahanaim Group Ministries Inc., a 501(c)(3) non profit organization an agency provider serving the community for all disabled individuals to include the intellectual developmentally disabled. Lasting Legacy Academy, LLC a licensed childcare center. iGlow Hunny, LLC an accessory brand. Cielo Mio & Co, LLC a women’s clothing brand.
She is also the Founder of the Trailblazer, which is a program where she supports entrepreneurs in their business endeavors with the purpose of helping them achieve their upmost success. She is building pioneers and developing innovators. These organizations continue to be a great asset of service within the community and abroad.
Kemley Whiteside is a well renown minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her passion for God has led her to touch many lives abroad. She ministers with power, and has a strong presence of conviction inspiring many souls to have a second chance at life. She is passionate about teaching the word of God. Her gifts has led her to see many souls heal, delivered, and restored. She is an anointed vessel who flows with the Holy Spirit by leaving an impartation to many lives through her ministry.

In 2014, Kemley earned her MA in Christian Ministry/Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary. Her mission is to reach out to those who are hurt, broken, lost, and abused. She is a servant and equipped to set the captives free. She has a yearning cry for the ones in need. She believes in intercession and in the power of agreement through prayer. She is a Pastor who is ordained to build souls to renew their mind. She is a leader who watches over the sheep by leading them into the path of righteousness and wholesomeness. She saw a great need for support in the community and her passion for people led her to be a voice for others.
Kemley Whiteside earned her MBA in Project Management from Ashford University in 2010. In 2008, she earned her BS from the University of Phoenix in Information Technology. She has an extensive experience in project management and implementation of documentation systems. Her direct responsibilities have included but have not been limited to the overall direction, coordination, implementation, execution, and control for completion of specific project tasks ensuring consistency with client commitments and goals.

Her roles are to lead the planning and implementation of projects to facilitate the project scope, goals and deliverables, assemble and coordinate project staff, manage project budget and project resource allocation. She plans and schedules project timelines, tracks project deliverables using appropriate tools and software, and provides support to project team and quality assurance. She is highly competent with computer programs, technical and information processing and database management.

Kemley is a professional with over ten years of experience. She has successfully completed over fifteen certifications from the authorized provider of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). She is certified in Performance Management, Client Communication, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and more.

I Belong Here Guest and Artist
A full evening of blessing!
Prophetess Kelly Crews
Keynote Speaker, Pittsburgh PA
Prophetess Kelly Crews is the CEO and founder of Kelly Crews Ministries (KCM). The vision and passion of this ministry is to proclaim the saving, healing and delivering power of Jesus Christ worldwide.
Deborah Haynes-Carolina Philadelphia, PA
Guest Artist | Philadelphia, PA
Award Winning Songwriter & Artist Deborah Haynes Carolina was created to blaze trails and disrupt systems.
Guest Speaker | MTS, MSW, LCSW | New Jersey
Minister Poole has worked extensively in education, social work and ministry fields. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Rowan University; a Master of Theology from Camden County School of Theology; and a Master in Social Work from Widener University.
Toshia Marie Ferebee
Guest Singer | Philadelphia
She is the third of 4 girls who make up the local gospel singing group -The Ferebee Sisters - who have traveled singing the praises throughout the nation.
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Adelphia Restaurant, Banquet Facilities and Nightclub are proudly owned and operated by the Balis Family since 1987.
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Small Group
Healing from trauma involves working through all the layers of hurt and restoring a sense of safety. This is a difficult process. It takes time, patience, and most importantly a safe place to do it.
If you’ve felt unsafe in any way, you may be experiencing trauma. Trauma can come from many experiences such as abuse, neglect, natural disasters, or harassment of any kind.
 Sign up for the upcoming small group to learn more about the healing process and how to find your new life purpose!